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What Do We Do?


We provide Professional Development Workshops, and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) in Jackson, TN. ABA is a widely used evidence-based treatment for addressing problem behaviors. It is used for both children and adults. Some people also refer to ABA as Behavior Therapy. At Behavioral Outreach Services, LLC we provide FOCUSED ABA which focuses on reducing problem behaviors and increasing appropriate functional skills based upon the reasons WHY the child/adult is having problem behaviors (attention, tangibles, escape, pain, sensory, etc.). Please be aware that the 20-40 hours a week of EIBI (Early Intervention Behavioral Intervention) is NOT available at this time with BOS, LLC.  

How Do We Do It?


  • ABA for Children is provided at our office location in Jackson, TN. ABA appointments are scheduled for same day, same time, each week and last about 2 hours +/-. Home and community visits will be scheduled as needed.
  • ABA for Adults is provided in home and community setting primarily through DIDD. 
  • Professional Development Workshops are tailored to the needs of your organization. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

If You Want ABA Services with BOS, What Do You Do?


Download the ABA Intake Paperwork, Fill it out and return it with all other required paperwork. 

Make sure to choose the corrects forms. There is one for children, and a different one for adults through DIDD. 

Instructions and Checklist are on the first page of ABA  Intake Paperwork. The Intake Paperwork can be dowloaded below.  Please note, you are NOT on the waitlist until all required forms have been filled out, signed, and returned back to us (with additional required paperwork).

Should you have further questions about our ABA Services, please visit our FAQs page. If, after reading the FAQs, you still have further questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email. 

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Our Office Location

Our office is located inside the West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center (WTHSC), at 65 Ridgecrest Rd, Jackson, TN 38305. Please contact us directly at phone number listed below, or email. 

Behavioral Outreach Services, LLC (at WTHSC)

65 Ridgecrest Road, Jackson, Tennessee 38305, United States

Phone: (731) 446-5441 Fax: (731) 784-2664 Email: shiloh.beene@gmail.com


*By Appointment Only, 

General Hours of Operation are 

9am-4:30pm, M-F