We are In-Network with the Following Commercial MCOs:

* Please Note: 

  • Chances are, if it is a commercial MCO we are probably in-network with them if ABA is a covered benefit but you still need to check your insurance to ensure ABA is a covered benefit and get a list of in-network ABA providers. Please make sure to use our insurance verification form below to check your insurance.
  • If you have a secondary insurance as well (like a TennCare MCO or other commercial insurance), you will want to make sure to choose an ABA provider that it is in-network with both your primary and secondary insurance.

We are In-Network with the Following TennCare MCOs:

* Please Note: We are no longer in-network with the United Health Care Community Plan (UHCCP) MCO of TennCare. However, we do have instructions available to help you find an in-network ABA provider with UHCCP.

Use our Insurance Verification Form to see if ABA is Covered,
and to obtain a list of in-network ABA providers for your insurance/s.

BOS Insurance Verification Form (R10-23) (pdf)

You Have a Choice. How to Access ABA providers:

We at Behavioral Outreach Services, LLC want you to have the ABA services that you need as soon as possible, whether that is with our company or with another ABA provider. We want to make sure that you know HOW to check your insurance benefits to see if ABA is a “covered benefit,” and how to obtain a list of in-network ABA providers (if ABA is a covered benefit). This will ensure that you have access to a list of in-network providers to choose from (especially if we have a waitlist).

Please use the exact wording on our Insurance Verification Form to see if ABA is a covered benefit with each or your insurance policies, and to obtain a list of in-network ABA providers.

How to find additional BCBAs/LBAs in Your Area:

 If ABA is NOT a covered benefit, you may find a list of BCBAs in your area on the BACB website which is https://www.bacb.com. You may contact them individually to see if they work with children, their service delivery model,  and their rates.

Grant Opportunities

Family Support Program

This program helps provide financial assistance for a variety of needs including ABA.

Karla Goodman​, West Tennessee Regional Office

Phone: (901) 745-7235 Fax: (901) 745-7723

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

The UHC Fund facilitates access to medical-related services that enhance a child’s life and to those that are not fully covered by the available commercial health benefit plan.

Children’s Special Services

A statewide program offered through the Tennessee Department of Health, which serves children birth to 21 years old with chronic illnesses or disability needs. CSS provides financial assistance for medical bills, prescriptions, durable medical equipment, etc., and case management services related to a child’s special health care needs.

Anchor of Hope Foundation

Click on “What we do” and then “Scholarships” to get the Anchor of Hope scholarship application and instructions. The maximum grant for special needs children for various uses is $250 per family.

Autism Speaks

Grants may be available to Tennessee Families.

Know of More Grants?

*If you know of more grant opportunities available to families of children with special needs, please send us an email with a link to let us know so that we can include that information for all families.