On a Personal Note . . .

I really enjoy being creative and making the old new again. I enjoy refinishing wood projects, quilting, scrapbooking, and making vintage jewelry art pieces (among many other things as well).

Each of my vintage jewelry art pieces are made of vintage to present jewelry. I enjoy “taking the old and giving it a new life.” Some jewelry pieces may have missing stones, gems, or paint, etc. but that just adds to the charm and uniqueness of each well-used and well-loved piece of jewelry. In most of my pieces you will find an angel to watch over you, and something whimsical to remind you to never loose your inner child. Lots of love being sent your way in each of my pieces.

You can see full photo albums of each piece on my Timeless Treasures Facebook Page. Make one of my pieces yours today!

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Commissions Also Available!

Commission A Piece with YOUR Vintage Jewelry!

Do you have old vintage jewelry that belongs to your family that you would like to see used again, but know you will never wear it? Commission us to do a Vintage Jewelry Art Piece with your family jewelry!